Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sarah Palin's New Book, Going Rogue

Sarah's new book is due November 17. It should give us liberals something to make fun of for a while. To begin with, we can mark up the pages and discount the lies and see what is left. Then give it as a gift to our conservative friends

I wonder if John McCain will buy one. I doubt it. He would not be in the same room. This woman was supposed to be supportive. She was anything but supportive; she sabotaged his chances for being president. If offered, John would politely say, "Thanks, but no thanks." which is what he should have said when picking her as a running mate. He knows it all too late.

Will Neiman Marcus sell them? I hope not. It would lower their high standards and appeal of Neiman's throughout the world. As a shopper spending someone else's money, she was a terrific customer. $180,000.00 in a single month qualifies as a good customer but these guys have standards, high standards for what they sell. Her book does not qualify as high quality. I shop there on occasion, but for the most part I find it out of my price range. Great quality but does not fit my depressed bank account.

I wasn't sure of what definition was meant by rogue so I looked it up:
1. a dishonest, knavish person; scoundrel.
2. a playfully mischievous person; scamp: The youngest boys are little rogues.
3. a tramp or vagabond.
4. a rogue elephant or other animal of similar disposition.
5. Biology. a usually inferior organism, esp. a plant, varying markedly from the normal.
6. to live or act as a rogue.
7. to cheat.
8. to uproot or destroy (plants, etc., that do not conform to a desired standard).
9. to perform this operation upon: to rogue a field.
10. (of an animal) having an abnormally savage or unpredictable disposition, as a rogue elephant.
11. no longer obedient, belonging, or accepted and hence not controllable or answerable; deviating, renegade: a rogue cop; a rogue union local.

The #1 definition suits her best I think. I looked up knave and it is "a tricky, deceitful fellow; a dishonest person; a rogue; a villain." Sarah, should you write a book whose title says I am a tricky, dishonest person. Announcing it is a rather stupid mistake . But considering the source, I guess it is more than appropriate. Some UK'ers call you imbecile, I am inclined to agree. Stop the lunacy, and quietly disappear. You make all us Americans look bad. Let Obama repair our image around the world and keep your image hidden behind a book you will never read.

I am sure someone will buy this book, but I think it will mostly sell to people who want to tear it apart. Loyal Republicans do not like what you did to McCain. Some guys will buy it hoping to find some salacious fact or looking for a fold out. Hey guys, there isn't one, so don't waste your money.

I am offended by the fact that she pretends to be doing something for women as a group, to elevate our status. She does as much for women as a Barbie doll. Put the proper outfit on her and she is a doctor, astonaut, or bimbo. Same with Sarah. To consider her a working mother is a misnomer. It implies you give dual attention to both jobs. You walked out on both. She quit work, governor of Alaska to pursue money-making deals since she was a hot commodity. The title "mother" is unfitting. She needed to tend the home fires, and rather than acknowledge, she ran from them. She is a grandmother to an illegitimate child. Do something to help your daughter continue in school so that she may have a career and stop the baby production. The kids might have worked it out if mother-in-law would have stepped out. As it is, the grandchild will grow up without any close ties to dad because you will not let it happen. Your own daughter refers to you as clueless on teenage sex.

Any parent to a child with Down's syndrome needs to be a full-time parent. It is a full-time job, not even 8 hours a day, more likely a 20 hour per day job. I see it daily. Leaving this child to someone else to teach and educate is a responsibility that begins at home. This child needs love,support, and nurturing. Also you have a son in Iraq. All the mothers of the soldiers I know, live in fear of getting a phone call or visit from the US government telling them something has happened to their son or daughter. They are constantly emailing, sending photos, packages, and messages of love. Do you ever once stop to think about anything except how is your makeup and hair? Does this outfit look good?

Sarah, there are enough problems at home to drive anyone over the edge, but you choose to ignore, to pursue your own agenda. You have betrayed your family, John McCain, your state, your party, and your sex. You are a rogue, "a dishonest, knavish person; a scoundrel." and to take pride is abominable. That means "loathesome, detestable". Take a long hard look at yourself. You will see a fair face and stop there. But keep looking until you see your soul and then stop. Do the right thing. Become a person.


Anonymous said...

I think I might buy this book just to have it on the coffee table, LOL. I would still service every inch of her MILFish body. Just thought I would mention that, again.



Wil, Don't make me come up there! It would be good for laughs to have a copy around. She wrote about as much of it as I did. Her words were sanitized and deodorized before they were allowed to hit the press. Methinks a ghost did most of the writing. I think reading something might make her a better writer. Read anything. 8 year old copies of Newseek at her doctor's office. Although very entertaining, Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog does not qualify as literary material.