Sunday, September 19, 2010

Boehner Hotly Denies Tryst With Palin

AP, Reuters, Knight Ridder....
John Boehner denied accusations of having an affair with SP. Her baby bump he proclaimed was nothing more than his tie stuck in her skirt. He said, "I have never had sex with the women," and as an aside he whispered, "but I never count blow jobs, hand jobs or cigar penetration."

When Ms Palin was questioned she stated, "I have never seen the heart shaped mole on the lower side of his throbbing member."

Boehner looked lovingly into Palin's eyes and denied "I have never been caught undressing those luscious, succulent breasts at any point in my career."

Palin answered with a wink, holding her breasts. "These puppies belong in competent hands." Her eyes glanced down at his groin. It appeared Boehner had earned his name.



Spider said...

HAHA! That's awful, awfully funny!


Thank you. We enjoyed reporting this.