Thursday, January 14, 2010

What the hell was This all About?

Palabra Barroucho:

An intimate revelation was quivering on the horizon,
The arrow of the fly split thusly.
The earthworm sighed in eloquent malcontent.
Bee tears dampened silken flowers of yore.
The heart explodes in ionic turbulence
The cat purrs in Latin with undertones of Greek.
His throat rumbles with passion, gasping for air
The mouse scurries as the bee dives for fur.
The glass set empty on the windowsill, unnoticed and wistfully benign.
Feline wonder turns liquid anger as the bee drowns in the cosmic glass of woe.
The cat shit on the rug.
The mauve pigmented waste lies on shaggy fabric of time.
The milestone was tomorrow's intent as the moon bowed his head in silver
The cat, the bee and the mouse built a house of profundity,
adding sand, flowers and cheese.
More concrete foundations should have had lasting implications.
Cheese molded to blue, flowers wilted to stew and the sand was filled with shit.


Anonymous said...

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SzymonXY said...

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Buns and Barbs are two people and Buns lives in El Paso, TX and Barbs lives in Dallas, TX. Thank you for your kind comment