Thursday, July 23, 2009

Great Eclipse and Mind Control - the Real Connection

After the Great Eclipse, we learned there was a massive earthquake that moved New Zealand closer to Australia by 12 inches on July 15. Something that should have taken hundred of years took seconds. We were not told this info until after the Great Eclipse. That's a pretty hot piece of information to be sitting on if you ask me. As everything was lining up for this eclipse, geographical shifts took place and resulted in the largest earthquake this year, a 7.8. Prior to that in May, a 7.1 earthquake in Honduras and Belize toppled homes killing people. A 6.0 earthquake rattled China. Also in China, many people (hundreds) were killed in riots in July. Tens of thousands were arrested due to these riots. We know what arrest means in China. That's the last we'll see of these folks. Thank God David Sirota got out of China before the Great Eclipse. Some of this preceded the Eclipse and some came after it. The important thing is, it surrounded it. North Korea conducted a nuclear bomb blast that was the equivalent of a 4.1 earthquake. Mere coincidence. Are you people frigging nuts?

I have the inside scoop n what really happened. That crazy little bastard in North Korea (in the future he will be referred to as CLBINK), in an attempt to blow the moon from the sky, caused the eclipse and all these massive earthquakes, followed by riots. The people could not help but riot. What else are you going to do when the Great Eclipse was coming? You blame someone. If China had calmly handed out aluminum foil and duct tape, the Chinese variety of foil and tape would have been just fine, to all it's citizens, at least the rioting could have been avoided. Mr Kim Jong Il or crazy little bastard in North Korea (or CLBINK) used mind control to start thees riots. As he sought to blow the moon from the sky, he altered it's course causing the eclipse. He peppered these particles of explosives with mind altering rays. Foil over the brain would have solved all the problems. Everyone knows they cannot penetrate the psyche as long as you cover your head with aluminum foil. They cannot tell what you are thinking either. This radiation may be absorbed by the skin so wrapping the entire body would not allow any of these mind control rays to penetrate.

Einstein proved this with his theory of relativity, loosely stated, if a CLBINK tries mind control radiation bombs relatively close to the our hemisphere, foil relatively close to the brain prevents it from penetrating. Didn't you guys learn this stuff in elementary physics class? It is a basic principle of science. E=mc2 . The energy from a bomb big enough to alter the course of the moon results in mind control squared.

This mind control and radiation experiment also went on in this country although we were no where near the bomb or eclipse. The CLBINK was messing with our Chinese and Korean made light bulbs. How many of you walked into a room over the last month and found a light on that you thought you turned off? See! You did turn it off, it's the CLBINK. The light bulbs were giving off that same radiation. With a master switch in North Korea, the CLBINK can turn them on or off any time he wants. Check all your light bulbs. Only buy American made ones. The people who made them were forced to put this radiation inside (mind control). You guys really thought you were in control of your lights too, but us "enlightened" few, if you will excuse the expression, know the real story.

Countless lives in this country were saved by people wrapping themselves in foil and duct tape. No thanks is necessary. Do not take it off yet, although, in the heat of July wrapped in foil, you may start to smell like a Thanksgiving turkey. Keep it on until we get the all-clear from the federal government. I have to keep re-wrapping my three gold fish. They keep slipping out. I do not want my sweet goldfish to turn into killing piranhas or start rioting as mind control sets in. My dog walking around in foil looks like a robot. I changed his name to Astro. If you have teenage children and they are acting strangely, wrap their heads in foil and do not allow them to leave home without it. Teenagers acting strangely is the first sign that his radiation bomb is working.

All citizens, be on alert. There is a new kind of war, Mind Control. Wear your foil and duct tape and if necessary protective goggles. I will be happy to sell some $10 goggles for $29.95plus shipping and handling at your request. We don't want our eyes to trick us either. Now I am worried about our ears. They are planting subliminal messages in our music and news. Listen to nothing nor no one. (I think that was a triple negative possibly illegal in the English language) Perhaps, I am under their influence. It's the end of the world. Run underground! Save yourselves but don't forget the foil and duct tape!

To my friend in Spain, I know you get the message!


Anonymous said...

bien, bien

papel de plata para todos

espero que no sea el papel de plata de supermercados baratos

si lo compramos ahí, estamos perdidos

well, well

Role of silver for all

I hope it is not the role of silver cheap supermarket

if you buy there, we lost


Where should we buy? Do you know something I don't. Let's save the world. I feel sure duct tape is part of the answer. It can fix anything.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that you can not fix anything,

trust you