Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu Scare = Code Red

Possible reasons for the Swine Flu Scare:

…to get our minds off a failing economy, to go from feeling lucky to have shelter to being lucky to be alive

…to further distance ourselves from the Iraq war and any other war

…to keep Americans out of Mexico, a move closer to closing the borders

…to show Obama’s leadership skills in a time of Crisis

…to point out that we need a National Health Care Plan?

Just something to consider. A virus is so tiny (much smaller than bacteria) that it can easily pass through a mask. No amount of paranoia can prevent the spread of Swine Flu (or terrorism, for that matter).

The most effective things you CAN do are:
Wash hands often. Take a holiday from shaking hands. Turn away from anyone coughing or sneezing. Stay home from work if you feel sick. Wash hands. Wash hands.


Sunny Subramanian said...

...and to show that people need to stop eating meat! Factory farming was the cause of this!

nimbemon said...

Careful: I'm a mexican girl about to sneeze....aaaaacccchhhhuuuuuu....
Great blog!!!

Dada said...

I don't remember where I read/heard this, but (seriously now) they said getting the Swine Flu vaccination can help protect hogs from contracting it from humans? (If so, I think everyone should feel an obligation to save as many pigs as possible -- so we can eat 'em later, right? [or not eat bacon that died with swine flu?])

Just thought I'd ask a nurse. And, yes, it was a very good blog. (What wars? Surely we're not at war(s), I mean our president just won the igNobel prize for *peace* didn't he? Whoops, sorry, drifted off topic here, didn't I?)


Sunny and Dada,

Yes, we should protect the poor little piggies.For Sunny that also means not eating them. For those who eat them, well, eating sick piggies is just plain sad.


Maybe we should fly down to Mexico and take care of their piggies for a while to make up for the harm we've down by the smear campaign.