Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bush Administration and Torture - Theatre of the Absurd

It is mindboggling as to how or why two individuals would be water boarded for 266 times. What were they thinking? "One more time and I think he'll talk." This is theatre of the absurd for the insane in house torture team. It is like "Waiting for Godot" Every day you go, you torture several times, nothing happens. The following day, you torture again, nothing happens, the next day, the same thing. Maybe if they had done it just one more time, they would have discovered the magic number for breaking someone. Our government was so depraved, so vile that this logic made sense. Maybe it wasn't logic. Maybe they were paid on commission or by the job. 266 tortures should yield a torturer a high income. Was that Bush's idea for putting people back to work? At least somebody had a job. I think I would rather be in a homeless shelter than be the person collecting a pay check for torture.

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