Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who the %*#@ is the Braille for at the drive thru ATMs?

Did you ever drive through the ATM machines and wonder about the Braille writing? Who is that for?

It’s for blind people is the obvious answer. Why are they driving through the drive thru? I’m in favor of handicapped people having equal access, but I do not believe blind people should be driving to the bank and going to the drive thrus to get to the ATMs. Signs always say "No Walk-ups" too, so that rules out that argument. But then those “No Walkup” signs are not in Braille so blind people would not know. So why is that sign not in Braille, too? Who is that Braille really for? If they put the ATM on the other side, they could use it as a passenger which would make it accessible. But they don’t. From the back seat, you can’t use it. The windows don’t go all the way down. It would definitely be too hard, especially if you were blind. It just doesn’t make any sense. You would have to be the driver. I wonder if any person ever used it. I sincerely hope not. This could be a case for the Supreme Court.
Until they start putting road signs in Braille, the blind should not be driving to the bank. That is something to really ponder.


Anthony Robinson said...

Well, there ARE walk-up ATMS that blind folk can use. These have braille.

The people who manufacture ATM machine keypads would have to make two different kinds if they were to leave the braille off the drive-through ATMs.

It is cheaper and easier to make the braille keys and use them for all ATMs.


It's not just the key pad. There are messages bolted beside the screen telling how to use it. If they got money and no one watched them, how would you know you got the right amount? I think ATM's have a long way to go before they are user friendly for the blind. They need to hear directions if that is not a disability. I guess drive-thrus are not useable for the blind. I say things in jest but I truly believe in helping the handicapped as much as possible. I have a blind friend who was once sighted. He does not use an ATM. He laughed when I told him about the Braille on the ATM's.