Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Apple Cinnamon Dung and Garlic Snow - The Latest Bath and Body Works Fragrance*?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Bath and Body Works. I generally love just about everything they have to offer and end up buying most of it and bringing it home. Their fragrances this season leave something to be desired. I hate autumn, but there are some pleasant fragrances like pecan pie, candy apples, cinnamon rolls and fresh baked cookies that are irresistible. Bath and Body Works always captured the pleasant aromas in shampoo, air freshener, and body washes. It made the house a little nicer, the air a little sweeter and my hair smell like a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. Not anymore! For first time in my life, I walked out of the shop without buying a single thing. Not even a candle!

I went to Bath and Body Works to pick up my favorite room fragrance, “Creamy Nutmeg”, and was righteously outraged when I found it was no longer available. Well, that put me in a bad mood right from the start. Their new fragrances had names evocative of outdoor images and spices that should not be combined in the same sentence, the same room, and never in same bottle. I did not like the fragrances of lotions, air fresheners, and shampoos with really screwy names. I cannot remember the actual names but it was something like “Dead Licorice Leaves”, “Slimy Caramel Moss”, “Polar Bear Musk”, “Vanilla Mulch”, and “Garlic Snow”. Why did they mess with products that work and replace them with some crap I will never buy? “Spicy Reptile”, “Orange Mucous”, “Cinnamon Newt”, or “Candy Adam’s Apple” sounds like some of the witch’s brew from Macbeth. My favorite was “Chocolate Fire and Brimstone”, and I didn’t really like that. I wanted to spend money on something to make the house a little more pleasant. I wanted to spend really badly, but I was not buying those smelly old fragrances.

Bath and Body Works, you made great products that I could not resist. I have gone into a shop expecting to make a $15 purchase and walked out with $150 in fragrances for the house, bath, and me. I loved them. Please come back with my old favorites. I promise to buy. Maybe I should have bought the “Lime Camel” or “Cranberry Turtle” as a token show of support. I could give it to trick or treaters.

*This was written for my friend Debra because it is her birthday and is simply for fun. There is not an element of truth to it except I did not like the new Bath and Body Works fall fragrances.

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kathy B said...

Excellent...!!! Send me a box of the Cinnamon Newt.....
:-) pedafti