Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trump Takes Credit for Releasing the Long Form - The Devil's Advocate

There has been so much ado about the release of Obama’s birth certificate that it is actually a joke. I cannot believe Donald Trump is taking credit for “forcing the release” of the long form. Hah. Trump would take credit for the moon if he could. I expect any night to look up and see TRUMP written across the moon. It is his, isn’t it? I better shut up or he will take away my viewing privileges.

With the release of certificate of live birth, I will play the devil’s advocate. The devil pays me to do this shit anyway. Not much pay, but he pays. So in the future I will try to be a better advocate.

Go Devil, go. Yay. Devil!

Back to the point: Obama’s birth certificate. Unlike other crazy people, I will not question the legitimacy of the document as far as the state of Hawaii goes. I will be even crazier than that. I will question every entry on it. A baby was born. So far so good. The name matches up with whom we believe to be the president. But we must remember, anyone can carry around a birth certificate, but that does not mean you are that person. A piece of paper does not a person make. I have a copy of his birth certificate but that does not mean I am the president does it? If It does, man, anyone I don't like is headed for prison for failure to appreciate me.

Anything could have happened. Were the babies switched? Do we have DNA evidence that proves he is the son of this man from Africa and this woman who gave birth in Hawaii? It is quite possibly someone got the wrong babies. I can see no option but to collect DNA specimens from other blood relatives. That would solve this issue.

Did you ever wonder if there was more than one born with this name? Or maybe this is a relative. That’s it! He stole his cousin’s identity. Obama is his own cousin. I just had an even worse thought. I believe the prez is none other than Obama’s father. Obama is his own father! Our president is really a generation younger which puts him around thirty. That was the real cover up. He lied about his age. There are laws governing age too, you know. The other dude that has all the background was his father because our president is really Obama III born in Cincinnati.

Time of birth? They can say anything they want. I have no idea if my birth certificate is accurate. I don’t really remember. All the rest is assumed to be correct but not one of knows for sure. Birthdate? The same. Who knows? Parents? Do we ever really know? A mother can say whatever she wants when they fill out one of those things. They believed me when I did it. I lied. The father of my child is really Matt McConaughey.

The really big question that bothers me most and really sticks in my mind other than any other portion of this document is was his mother really named Stanley?

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