Sunday, November 21, 2010

Alien Reborn: Catsmeat Speaks

Catsmeat Speaks:

I and I be bubbles frothing in the Sea of Cosmic Consciousness.
I am a Trans-speciesist.
I and I am a Pierson's Puppeteer trapped in the body of a Homo leo.
Those who niven will know. Ringworld turns.
I first came to this planet from viral matter in comets. They say that was billions of years ago. Anyone else remember that?
I and I have been Brahma seeing Atman, and Atman seeing Brahma. Tat tvam asi.
I am a direct descendent of the primordial protein globule, star begotten carbon, and I and I are in the akashic record as we walk upon the earth, and up and down on it. Nothing human or alien is not me or myself. My sisters are stars and stones. I am the Goddess tripping on DNA!
I and I remember dieing sometime in the Age of Taurus. I was the green man for a neolithic village. I remember how happy I was being buried alive so the crops would grow. I think it was opium.
My ex-wife said I was Hanuman, come to break up her time with Rama.
I was told I was Asterion in Athens during the Plague in the Peloponesian War.
In 1605 I was Guido Volpone. Figure that one out.
I and I was suspended for a childish prank by the neck until dead in 1832 London. I had stolen nine shillings sixpence.
I am proud to say I tried to kill Henry Clay Frick.
I committed suicide in 1936, but I am doing better now.
That's most of what I learned through Leary's Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Nuerocircuits, and the Tarot told me three times I and I and I am The Fool.
I have been told that I really came to this planet through the birth canal on the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima when there were forty-nine states. I find that implausible.
I and I can remember the emergence of my awareness in the womb.
My father named my and myself for Twain the Doubter, and his twin Shakespeare the poet, two making TS, and Tam as the girl
I was a Pavlovian dog, destined for Cat'smeat. I am Schrodinger’s Kat, cynically Sirius about Dog.
I and I have been hospitalized in fact and fiction, I have been just a man, or less, many times. I have played Christ and Harpo Marx. I am Oedipus. I and I have been Dionysus cursing Pentheus, Tiresias, a corvine psychopompus and Hades cursing Orpheus. I have been Dracula of nightmares, and Dracula misunderstood. I have talked with Gods and walked with monsters, and seen the Constellation Man rise in the East and set in the West, but mostly, I find that humans are monkeys who talk too much.
This is a nice planet, please don't mess it up! I feel more like poor Kal-El, shunted from one doomed planet to another, than like Tarzan.
For some reason I cannot convince Facebook that I currently live at the Pass to the North on the Journey of Death, or that my hometown is Treehouse on Mars, Barsoom!

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