Thursday, October 29, 2009

Buns and Barbs 1st annual Best of the Net B.S. Awards

I’ve been noticing a lot of “Best of the Net Awards” being proclaimed. It sounds impressive until you do a little research. Just who are proclaiming these awards? Editors of blogs and ezines mostly, some more impressive than others and some not the least impressive, I dare say. So in the same spirit of pomposity we are announcing the Buns and Barbs 1st annual Best of the Net B.S. Awards. We will be looking mainly at humorous blogs that poke good natured fun at the ridiculous aspects of our culture that perhaps stimulate us re-think who we are as a nation.

We don’t want to miss any great blogs so feel free to nominate any blog you feel is appropriate for the catagory by sending a live link to
Winners will be announced on November 30th. Send in your nominations as soon as possible.

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