Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Top 10 Reasons for Denying Healthcare in America

With all the talk about healthcare reform, I decided to take the side of the Right Wing Lunatics who oppose healthcare reform. Why should we care about healthcare reform? Why should we care that people are dying to see a doctor? Why should we care about our fellow human beings who are less fortunate? What is really important is ME! ME! ME! ME! Hopefully, I will never be one of the those who is in dire need of it.

I came up with the Top 10 Reasons (and a bonus) to Deny Healthcare to All Americans

10.It's a form of population control.

9. To prove Darwin was right - Survival of the fittest.

8. We don't need no stinking reform. Some people aren't worth saving.

7. People will die anyway. No matter how much you do, we all end up dead in the end. Why shouldn't rich people be allowed more time? Why do poor think they deserve it?

6. Time is money. If you are wealthy enough, you can get the extra time. I think this might be the same as #7?

5. Plastic surgery will be unaffordable if all the money goes to necessary health care. How can I afford botox injections or my butt lift if I have to pay for some poor man's emergency surgery! We must have priorities.

4. Death is God's will. (I generally argue this point but this time I am the devil's advocate!) Or maybe Sara Palin's, or Newt's, or Steele's will. Will of Steele(nice ring, don't youthink?) I vote for him to be on the first Death Panel! No matter whose will, the point is, it is the will of someone important.

3. Not doing anything actually puts an end to it all! Apathy can cure anything.

2. Right Wing religious zealots rely on prayer. Shouldn't you?

1. Dead people don't need health care. We'll kill off a lot of them in the war, unemployment, and starvation anyway. That will quickly put an end to some of those pesky insurance risks.

0. We all die in 2012 anyway. What's the point?

I propose a cheap, nondiscriminatory method for healthcare. No one gets it until the poorest American is covered. With all the money saved in the mean time, we can afford it. Problem solved.

Please feel free to add your own reason.


Jose Jaime said...


que realidad tan triste
aquĆ­ tenemos gratis eso, incluso vienen en viaje de turismo para curarse y ser atendidos en los hospitales

pero eso en el 2012 todos calvos
brindo por ello

un saludo


We'll still be here in 2012, anyway, those who can survive without insurance. We will make it. Insurance by then will cover all.

Anonymous said...

Wil Of Steel was my porn name back in the 80s.



I suspected you could be a porn star. I think that might qualify as a preexisting consition. Don't tell anyone. It's our secret!