Monday, September 14, 2009

Rush Limbaugh's Kissing Cousin, Bimbeau Limbaugh Speaks Out

We are visiting a favorite cousin of Rush Limbaugh, Bimbeau Limbaugh, in beautiful Cape Girardeau, Missouri to discuss what he was like as a youth and see how their relationship has survived through the years

Buns and Barbs: I'll bet you are quite proud of your cousin's success?
Bimbeau: Oh yeah, my chest swells with pride when I see him on TV. See!

B and B: Is Rush his real name?
Bimbeau: No, let's just say he has a reputation of being quick.

B and B: Was he always conservative?
Bimbeau: Oh yeah. He usually wanted to eat 5 hamburgers but he was able to keep it down to 4, with cheese.

B and B: I meant politics, was he always conservative with politics?
Bimbeau: Yessirree, he saved it for after dinner discussion.

B and B: Did you ever know him to take drugs in his youth?
Bimbeau: Oh NO. He paid for them fair and square.

B and B: Was he always a ladies' man?
Bimbeau: Well, his man boobs looked pretty good in a red bustier.

B and B: Does he still love you?
Bimbeau: Only when he can't get a date.

B and B: If he were invited to the White House would he go?
Bimbeau: Sure, if there's plenty of good food.

B and B: Would you describe him as down to earth?
Bimbeau: Hell yeah, there's a lot of gravity in that man.

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