Monday, September 14, 2009

Jonathan Penton, editor of UNLIKELY STORIES, announces winners of BUNS AND BARBS' 1st Flash Fiction Contest

Since “Buns and Barbs” often touches on political commentary, I think it’s appropriate that so many of the entries did. But it struck me, reading the entries, how difficult it is to write political fiction that is both insightful and original, especially in so few words. What is there to say about contemporary U.S. politics that has not been said? Originality became my focus: what is there left to say about mannequins that I haven’t either seen in a movie or a creepy dream?

Given the limits of the form, it’s not surprising that Buns and Barbs and I came up with a completely different list. Their selections were excellent, but mine were:

1st: “Since no one was using snail mail...” by Catfish McDaris
2nd: “I like to use a half-mannequin...” by Icy
3rd: “Something made him do it...” by Reilley

I would be pleased to run these stories, along with the photo, in the October issue of, and will attempt to contact the authors through Blogger toward that end.

Thanks very much to Buns and Barbs for having me judge this contest! It was great fun, with many great entries.

Click on the Blog title (Jonathan Penton) for details to a unique and notorious chapbook contest going on right now. Money, publication and promotion go with the prize. Below is a short video introducing the contest.

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Jonathan Penton said...

I heard from Catfish, but I haven't heard back from Reilley, and I don't have any way to contact Icy. Guys, if you'd like your flash reprinted, please let me know. Thanks!