Friday, July 17, 2009

Superior Race

Is there a superior race? It is a question often discussed, bantered to and fro, then tossed out due to various prejudices. After careful thought, considerable discussion with people who are knowledgeable about such things, I have come to a startling conclusion. There is a superior race. I consulted with my husband and son before I went out on a limb and tried to verify the superiority of such a race. It is a time to pick the superior race and I am prepared to be the first to name it. Now, imagine a drum roll here, please. The superior race is .... Formula 1. It is way cooler than Indy, more intellectual than NASCAR, more complicated than CART, and more wordly than all of those put together. So if in the future, the question should arise about the superiority of any race, I think arguably, the answer is Formula 1.

If you thought I was going to pick an ethnic group with a slightly different hue of skin color as a superior race, you are dead wrong. They are all inferior. There is not any ethnic group out there composed of 100% stellar humans. The human race is innately or inanely inferior. Sometimes, it is sad to be considered one of them when we were given a pristine world, enough for everyone, and screwed it all up with competition, war, industrialism, bigotry, crimes, greed and more humans. Individuals are fine, but the human race as a whole is inferior. Until we can reach a goal of 100% of a population that is more good than bad, more smart that idiotic, more diligent than lax, no race will ever be considered superior. Opting for a motor race that is leaving a huge carbon footprint, costs billions per season, potentially dangerous or fatal seems to be an unwise decision. I say Formula 1 is better than picking humans. We know what it is capable of doing. Also consider the source, a mere member of the human race, innately inferior, making such a call. Positon explained.

Almost anything we say or do can be blamed on the fact that we are less than perfect, less than superior, sometimes less than human. No more excuses fellow earthlings, we are the same race, an inferior set of two legged creatures incapable of making sound decisions. Let's work on that and change things forever for better. Then, as fellow human beings, we can say we are a superior group and rose to the occasion and did not fail nor blame it on frailties. Earthlings unite, save our race, the human race!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely, no one is above anyone, and that sport is very expensive and elitist, as well as boring.

Being the top would not be mistaken as this is impossible, then we are all equal.

A greeting from Spain


Thank you Spain.

I hope, as fellow dwellers of Planet Earth we could all commit to do something to make it a better planet than we found it. If all future generations did, in no time at all, the world would be perfect.

Always give more than you take.

Sincerest regards from your spiritual sister in the USA