Friday, January 16, 2009

My Growing appreciation for New Mexico and the Apaches

Last night I was the quick change wardrobe person for Cheech and Chong. They were very nice to me and I did my best to keep the many costumes ready and waiting, helping as I could. It was a sold out house at the Inn of the Mountain Gods on the Mescalero Apache Reservation. It is the most beautiful resort anywhere. It happens to have a casino and several fine restaurants, ski resort, golfing, game hunting and more. For further details about the resort and some history of the tribe check out:

Also, not at the resort, but on the reservation, I am working at he Care Center as an RN. It is an easy going, nice place to work. The responsibilities are serious but the attitudes of my co-workers and superiors make it the best situation I've had in a long while.

Tomorrow I may check out the possibility of being an extra in a new Denzel Washigton film being made in this area.

I love living in New Mexico!

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