Sunday, October 19, 2014

I Just Caught Ebola. No I just WON $100 Million. Same Odds

People are in a panic over Ebola. Folks, you ain't gonna get it. More people have won the lottery than have contracted EBOLA in this country. More people died of encephalitis is Dallas than have contracted Ebola. We might all have it.  We don't.   No major population in this country will be killed off.  To calm fears, we came up with some joking symptoms.

You might have Ebola if: 1) You are Presbyterian
2) You flew on a plane in the last twenty years
3) If both 1 and 2 are true, you have it.
4) You left home at least once in your life.
5) Someone in your family left home once in their life.
6) You have a fever or ever knew someone who had a fever
7) If you ate food from anywhere.
8) You know someone in Dallas or even said the word Dallas.
9) You said the word Africa.
10) You give in to this stupid panic.

This panic is costing the system dearly.  Someone threw up at the Pentagon.  Evacuation time.  An Oregon teacher was within 10 miles of Presbyterian Hospital.  She has to stay home for 3 weeks.   Planes are being evacuated because someone has a fever.   This is nuts.  In a large group of people, someone always has a fever, an upset tummy, or does not feel well.  Emergency rooms cannot attend children looking like astronauts.  Presbyterian is a fine hospital who have saved probably a million lives through the years.  One slip up in a disease no one in this country was prepared for does not make them incompetent.  I would not hesitate to go to the ER right now if I needed it.

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