Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hypocrite Michelle Bachmann Citizen of Socialist Country

Anti-socialist and Tea Party spokesperson Michele Bachmann announced she's a citizen of Switzerland, a socialist nation with universal health care and marriage equality. On a related note, Bachmann's family has received a quarter of a million dollars in farm subsidies, the very thing she rails against. We knew she was a bozo when she emerged on the national scene wanting to investigate anyone in Congress "who wasn't patriotic." Seems as this anti-socialist "patriot" takes government handouts AND chooses to be a citizen of a socialist country. It's time for her constituents in Minnesota to dump her for someone who'll better represent the people of her district instead of re-electing this goofy gadfly.

By: Tracy Knauss

Bachmann’s husband Marcus is eligible for Swiss citizenship because his parents are Swiss immigrants, but he only recently registered with the Swiss government, Politico reported earlier this week. Michele Bachmann and her three youngest children became Swiss citizens on March 19, according to the Politico report.

"I have never exercised any rights of that citizenship. Rather, I have always pledged allegiance to our one nation under God, the United States of America. We live in the greatest nation humankind has ever known and I am proud to be an American but it's nice to have someplace to run to if I screw up too bad."

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