Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's the Deal with all the Rudeness in this Country?

First you got your "you lie" guy, Joe Wilson. Then Serena Williams f%$#@*& explosion at the US Open. Where's that nice girl we all came to love? Followed by Kanye West spoiling Taylor Swift's moment in the limelight by saying Beyonce should have won. Opinions are like @$$holes, we all got one. Beyonce is very talented but for him to screw up Taylor Swift's golden moment was wrong.

I think all these people know they acted less than courteously and sensibly. It is embarrassing to be caught on camera. I sure hate it when that happens. They don't need me to come and "bitch slap" some sense into them. Then I would be down to their levels.

America take a deep breath. We don't need to castrate these individuals publicly anymore. Morons, they are, but it isn't like they killed anybody. It was a momentary lapse in good judgement, like who hasn't done that? Get over it. Mouthing off is rude; going on and on about it is even ruder. Let it die.

They all admit they were wrong. In fact, poor Joe Wilson is the one revealed to be the liar with his remark. That's got to be embarrasing. Serena, you win all the time anyway, would it have hurt to accept a loss graciously? One of the greatest sports figures in the world is revealed to be a poor sport. Come on, you can do better than that? And Kanye, was it worth hurting one individual to call more attention to yourself than to any injustice you believe might have occurred? An important lesson was learned here. Apologize to the offended. Move on, and let's all forget it.

In days with two wars going on, Americans dying due to a lack of insurance, and unemployment dogging us like a hound on a fox hunt, is being rude that big an issue? Granted it is a breach of ettiquette, but it is rude to continue to harp on this subject. Maybe we want to worry about something minor when all this big stuff hangs precariously over out head like a guillotine. I do like thinking about someone getting angry, instead of war, death, and no money. Maybe that is the psychology of the situation. It was something that could, should be controlled. We can act superior. Who doesn't love that?

These people are all sorry. Let's all forgive them and worry about the important issues of the day. It was fun to pretend that rudeness was front page newsworthy with all the other shit coming down. Thank you all for the lovely diversion.


Stephen Jones said...

I can't agree on the Joe Wilson issue. Wilson's shout-out was a clear violation of the rules of the House of Representatives, and one that carries with it penalties. These rules date back more than two centuries to the times of James Madison.

Rep. Wilson knows the rules, all of our Congresspeople know them, they are schooled in etiquette before they take their seats.

In the House no member can even address another member directly, it must be framed as "the gentleman from..." or "the gentlelady from..."

Wilson chose to flaunt these rules, his outburst was likely pre-meditiated, and he should pay a price for it.


I agree with you. But to keep drawing attention to this guy will get him more money and publicity, and he will look like a martyr. It's best dropped. If he's a martyr, he could become the next Republican candidate for president. Look what the evil, bad Dems did because he tried to express his opinion inappropriately. They'll go into free speech and all that. Good 'ol Joe knew better. He couldn't have been around that long and not know. He likes the attention and money. I agree that it was probably premediatated, too. If they fine him or other form of punishment, it is field day for Republicans.