Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Anybody here seen my old friend Teddy? Can you tell me where he's gone?

News reports indicate the passing of a great man, Senator Edward Kennedy has left us. The common man has no friend to fight valiantly in the Senate. His noble fights for the forgotten American earned him the title of the Lion in the Senate. The lion is forever still.

He grew up in his brothers' shadow, but his star was brighter than theirs ever was. Their careers were cut short by untimely deaths but Teddy, fighting the good fight, kept going. He was the voice for civil rights, education, and equal rights in the Senate. He never forgot us!

Ted was born a man of infinite privilege. Yet, he was never ignorant of the fact that all people were not as blessed as he. His mother, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, ever the grand, gracious lady instilled in her children the values that carried him through his life. "To whom much is given, much will be required." You were given plenty. You gave more than you ever got.

"He helped enact measures to protect civil and labor rights, expand healthcare, upgrade schools, increase student aid and contain the spread of nuclear weapons." He was praised by conservatives like McCain as being the most effective man in Senate. Simply put, his causes were always civil rights and looking out for the forgotten American.

"There's a lot to do," Kennedy told Reuters in 2006. "I think most of all it's the injustice that I continue to see and the opportunity to have some impact on it." Injustice was always his battle and also his opportunity. It mattered not that the hands were black, calloused from physical labor, or begging for a dime. Senator Kennedy took those hands. He raised it to a higher level. He made us believe in ourselves as well as others.

He did something to us mentally, too. He opened our minds to caring for our fellow human being. We were the same in Kennedy's eyes. We were a people of many races, religions, and income levels but we all had the same color of blood. We were equal to this aristocrat from Boston. His body was ravaged by cancer still he gave the fight of his life, trying to get healthcare for all Americans. We always trusted you with our hearts, our lives, and futures. Who will we cling to now that you are gone?

Colleagues and staff said he remained determined to fulfill what he called "the cause of my life," providing health insurance to all Americans. He helped draft legislation to overhaul the $2.5 trillion U.S. healthcare system and make it available for us all. In honor of Mr Kennedy, let's all try to do the right thing and let him know he made a difference. Let's get something going to make his last cause, our cause.

There never was a grander, more noble hero than Senator Edward Kennedy. All our heroes seemed to have departed for higher ground. I will not let you go quietly. I pledge to do my best on your behalf, Mr Kennedy to fight for and defend healthcare reform. Sadly, it will be without you. I would like to go back to yesterday while you were still with us, still a force to be reckoned with. This day is a fateful, hateful, awful day. I knew it was coming and I stayed in denial, because I can't handle or didn't want to handle the truth. We loved you better and loved you longer than we ever had a chance with your brothers. As we say our tearful goodbyes, loyal friends and relatives wait on the other side joyfully welcoming you. Go with grace to your God. Rest in peace and thank you from grateful nation.

The Lion sleeps tonight!


Bongo Journalist said...

Yes, I saw the old rapist and murderer! He was in the lower pit of hell, kissing Mao's ass.


Why are you are so bitter? Mr Kennedy's life was not perdfect. He was human. He has redeemed himself many times over for any wrong that he may have done. He is no rapist nor murderer. On your visit to Hell, you made a serious mistake. Senator Kennedy was no where near there. What were you doing in Hell?. The angles saw his every move and mistake. He is one of them. He is in Divine grace. Let he whois without sin may cast the first stone.