Sunday, March 29, 2009

What Is A Get Out of Hell Free Card?

What is a Get out of Hell Free Card?

In monopoly, there is a Get out of Jail Free Card. It may be used at the player's discretion. A Get Out of Hell Free is a card given for doing an outstanding, righteous, good deed. Saving a life worthy of saving, committing to the sick, making a difference to someone that will be eternal are all worthy of the Card. Keeping a promise made to someone in the afterlife is deserving of a Get Out of Hell Free Card. It will get you out of Hell free. It is a one time deal!

The card may be used at the point of entry to Hell. When presented, you do not pass go. You are directly whisked to Heaven to have your credentials reviewed. If it is determined your card is valid and given for a selfless act, you will be given a seat in Heaven. Collect as many as possible in case the first one turns out to be invalid.

To find out more about the amazing cards and to be considered, please send your comment to this location and a description of your deed to determine if you should get out of Hell. Liars who feign righteousness will certainly go to Hell if they apply and are given this valuable card for nefarious reasons. They are not transferable.


Lostcheerio said...

So once you've had your card checked for authenticity and pocketed it, you can happily live the most vile wicked life possible?


That falls under the nefarious clause. This would seem to be opportunistic. Doing something good once to get the card so you could do as you wanted the rest of your life is not selfless. These are two different character traits. It is doing a good act for goodness' sake, not so that you can get by with any act on down the road. However, if this act was done with a pure heart, and later on whether by twist of fate or economy, you do become a criminal, it is still good. But if you obtain the card for "nefarious" reasons, it would disqualify you entirely, and you will be assured a place in Hell.

PS I liked your response. It shows you were thinking and looking for a loophole. Are you an attorney? If so, you need all the Get Out of Hell Free Cards you can get. They're better than MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

ThisIsTrue said...

The statement "They are not transferable." is not correct: you can plainly see on the web site photos that the cards say right on them, "This Card May be Kept Until Needed or Sold".


Wow, I am shocked. I didn't know the website existed. I made that up. It was a slip of the tongue and it worked.My cards really work though. You gotta do something really righteous and the righteous might just let you be one of them. Thanks for pointing that out. You know a lot. I am impressed, wicked one! Are you looking to get out of hell? What did you do so wrong? Are we related?

Garner said...

We should mention him on our next podcast. What else does this guy do?