Monday, December 1, 2008

They became sensibile

They wept together as one sobbing mass. It was tears shed for all the wrongs that had happened in their lives, for all their losses. There were spots on their souls, and their tears washed them clean. They were liberated. Days became easier and dedicated to rebuilding shattered lives. They stayed close to the sea. They stayed closer to each other. There was something about the overwhelming power of Nature here and it’s ability to heal. It had made them accept the unacceptable, to smile again, to take charge, and to not wollow in self-pity. It was a renewal in body and spirit. Life was worth living. It belonged to the living and they chose to get back on board for the long haul. They were here for each other for as long as the Creator permitted and when the numbers dwindled, the survivors or survivor must carry on. There were so few precious hours on earth and to spend them dwelling on death did not make sense. They became sensible. Love and friendship knew no stronger test. They knew their paths were star-crossed. The Creator had provided them for each other. The pieces of the puzzle were fitting together. They suffered because they were the most capable of withstanding the pain and best able to rise from the ashes. They named their building, the Phoenix, in honor of the loss and rebirth. They had died here twice and were reborn. They would not die again, not here.

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