Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Secret to life - Don't tell

They had discovered the secret of life. It was the enjoyment of the ordinary; the simplest act becoming special. Seeking the extraordinary became less important. Why wait for extraordinary moments when an ordinary moment is what is remembered? Something as simple as a touch that is done a thousand times over becomes an extraordinary moment when that person leaves us. All ordinary moments become extraordinary. Life is for savoring. Many would trade all the future days to go back for a single second in the past. One must not wait for something to happen, it may never come. Significant moments must happen every day of a life. Go out and find what is out there, and find life, find that happiness. Hold on to that every touch, every look, every breath, every kiss, every heartbeat, every meal, every time you catch sight of someone, every voice, every song. There is beauty in sound as in vision. There is beauty in sensation and sensibilities. There is beauty in thought. Listen. Take a longer look. Feel with all five senses. Take careful inventory and find delight there. That is the key to life. There is no mystery. Just feel. There are no ordinary lives. If life is too taken for granted, it is reduced to mediocrity. Find the significance again. A life treasured is knowledge of pure joy. Cherish all that which is life. Cling tightly for as long as our Creator permits and never surrender gracefully. To accept not being a part of all that is, is certain death. If we never give up the consciousness of being and never accept the alternative, there is no death. We shall never go “gently into that good night”. But if that night comes in our sleep, stay aware of what the senses are reporting and valiantly cross wherever it leads. Is it familiar, kind faces of the past coming for you? Is it a warm, beautiful, brilliant light sucking your every cell into it so that you become a part of the light? Is it a single step into another level of consciousness? Is it fireflies? Who knows? That is for another time. We have today to live.

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