Saturday, November 22, 2008

Notes on the Last Supper

Last night (for the show) and early this morning (around 3:00 a.m. for the load out.) was the last of Jesus Christ Superstar tech. It was the most beautiful experience I have had at the Spencer. Ted, (Jesus for the last 35 years) has a loving persona and made sure all of us felt appreciated every day. He gave us each a warm and lingering hug goodbye. I had watched him (from stage right) ascend (fly) from the cross each night which was beautiful and moving no matter what one’s personal beliefs. I noticed Mary’s character would come off the stage crying from her moving scene at the cross. Ted always needed at least 20 minutes in his dressing room to decompress. They took very seriously the power of their performances on the audience and themselves.

There was a bond between the stage techs too. We knew we were part of something very special. Never mind the backaches, headache and long hours. We were part of something historical. Compassion and kindness were generated everywhere.

The next few days will be re-coop time. I am drained in many ways.

I have other projects in the wings.

There is nothing “ordinary” about my life just now except putting on my pants one leg at a time, etc. like everybody else.

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