Monday, November 17, 2008

35 years after the movie

(Picture of Ted when he first played Jesus in the 70s).

Yesterday Ted Neeley came to the wardrobe department and introduced himself to each of us, shook our hands and said a few kind things such as he should bring us out for a bow at the end of the show because they couldn’t do it without us. I told him that was sweet and we really wanted to see the show but it didn’t seem possible working backstage. Later on he came up to have dinner with us. He said he heard there was “manna” here.

Today was an 8-5 day. The ones before and until the end are 1:00 pm till 10:30 or “until end of day.” I came back after the dinner break, on my own time, and sat through a rehearsal. Of course they weren’t in costume but the lighting, sound effects and props for the show were used. It was wonderful to see. Excellent and moving.

The man playing Judus, J.D., came to us a couple of nights ago about a mic belt adjustment. Since I had not met him I asked him what part he played, what his name was and gladly he gave up some interesting info. He was the winner of a reality show in Vegas hosted by Wayne Newton. It was broadcast opposite of American Idol. He said he was the most non-famous reality show star. I already forgot the name of the show but I was duly impressed.

For those wondering why the heck I’m working with Jesus Christ Superstar for nine days I will tell you. It’s called a “tech” because it’s a new cast. This is the time they work out all the technical details for the new tour, fit costumes for the cast, work out lighting and sound, and practice and perfect the show before it goes on the road. The two shows they do for the public Thursday and Friday are considered a preview. The first show listed on the tour is actually Colorado.

Tomorrow we learn who we will be setting costumes for, quick changing, assisting, etc.

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